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Your skin is a reflection of your inner health. Very often a plethora of things are going on in different parts of human body, which reflects on the skin but people tend to ignore these symptoms. Hormonal issues to infections, your skin might be sending warning signs about your well being. Certain skin conditions can be dealt with safely at home, while others require an expert’s care. So before you search Google to self-diagnose what seems like an innocuous, irritating skin condition, here are some reasons you should consider consulting with an expert dermatologist.


Acne that won't go away or painful, cystic pimples:

Acne is a usual problem which happens to adolescents or individuals with an oily skin. In any case, if the acne remains for a longer time, hormonal disorder could be the reason. If your acne problem is not responding to self-remedies, be it natural or OTC medicines, you should seek an expert consultation of a dermatologist. He/she is the right person to treat your skin condition with most effective way. Unlike common pimples, cystic acne isn’t caused by a dirty face. They are the result of hormonal change, stress or bacteria that is more challenging to control. Cystic acne is not always avoidable, especially when it is hereditary, so the best way to prevent the breakout is to visit your dermatologist for an expert acne treatment.


Dry, itchy, irritated skin or a rash that won't heal:

If you think a small rash on the skin would be easy to treat with one of the many skin care ointments available in the market or those rashes which still persist after using lotions and creams, it’s time to see a dermatologist for exact diagnosis and better treatment options. But most of the times people don’t realize that their itchy skin could be a symptom of a common, chronic skin condition known as eczema.


Rough, scaly patches on scalp, knees, elbows, or lower back:

Scaly patches on scalp, elbows, lower back or knees could be a symptom of psoriasis. It is caused by an autoimmune disorder where skin cells grow quickly. In such instances body cannot shed these skin cells fast enough, resulting them to pile up on the skin’s surface and results in red, thickened and silver scales. It advised consulting the best dermatologist to get a customized treatment depending on your individual needs and medical history.


You’re losing more hair than usual or notice a bald spot.

While it is common to lose limited hairs, growing bald spots or significant loss of hair could be signal of something more severe. Though in many instances, hair loss could be genetic, but lack of essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals or proteins or crash diet, hormonal changes and many more might be the reason for your hair loss. It is important to pinpoint the cause of your hair loss to get the right treatment. For the right diagnosis and treatment, you should visit your dermatologist.


For more complex cosmetology procedures

If you are looking for cosmetology procedures it’s always better to consult with your dermatologist before having a procedure done. More complex procedures, such as laser hair reduction and BOTOX® injections should be performed by a dermatologist. You can visit a dermatologist to discuss your cosmetic goals and plan the treatment to get the desired outcome.


A mole that is new or changing:

Many of us have moles, freckles or birthmarks which are normal and can be totally harmless, but there could be a serious possibility that they could alter over time. While these alterations can be totally harmless, certain symptoms such as a mole that starts itching or bleeds, or suddenly increases in size signals the possibility of a melanoma (skin cancer). An early diagnosis of skin cancer is crucial for successful treatment, even if you are not sure whether or not your mole is a reason for concern, book an appointment with your dermatologist.

If you are not witnessing the symptoms mentioned above, you should still see a dermatologist once in a year for annual screening. Because sometimes underline conditions grow without symptoms and occur quickly, but just because it’s not bothering you it does not mean it’s all fine, and this is where a dermatologist comes into picture. The possibilities of restoring skin, hair and nail health are much higher when you diagnose the issues earlier rather than later.

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